Ten reasons why I start to blog on this site

1. It is time to write!

Last year, I signed a contract with an international publisher to write a book about building a predictive model for a small and medium size business. I was struggling at the first chapter, finding a good narrative to communicate with a broad audience with a diverse background and little experience.

The book will talk about several topics about design philosophy and our amazing cognitive ability. Due to my intensive chaotic traveling schedule, I could not give updates to the publisher. Now, it is time to continue writing.

2. Refine my knowledge about CoViD-19

My home country is Vietnam. At the beginning of the outbreak in China, we also got 16 positive cases. I follow the news and media almost everyday to observe situations and build knowledge. Have to say, there is a constant flux of new information like number of confirmed cases, number of deaths, which countries are on top of Johns Hopkins Visualization Dashboard, new studies and finding based on scientific methodology. Here I am gonna try to pull all those numbers in a more systematic way to tell a better story.

3. Paint a bigger picture about healthcare

I have been following this topic since becoming a data scientist in 2016. I went around several events, conferences, hackathons, competitions, companies, startup online and offline to exchange knowledge and sharing interests. Eventually, I started my own startup in healthcare. This blog is an exercise for me to evaluate and learn obstacles there in this industry from how the world deals with this epidemic.

4. Save time for repetitive message about frequent topics

I am frustrated by sending messages to friends and family. Simply, people need a broad knowledge and prior experience to understand a context and assess risk. A few days ago, I watched a video of a health official in BC announced community transmission. Despite having a very few cases, she could not stop bursting into tears, then talked about her past experience about stress in society and family, especially about seniors, as someone fighting in the Ebola Pandemic. Yes, she can foresee the future. So do I with insurance, privacy, healthcare, policies, economy, tech especially about AI.

5. Iterate and testing ideas with simple concepts first

Before starting this blog, I have tried to build a fancy technology belonging to big tech companies and university-like dashboard. Two of them are indeed very time-consuming which probably needs a team of 3-5 engineers or data scientist to quickly design, build and deploy. In addition, there is a giant gap between know-how and execution. My daily routine has been overwhelmed by reading news and watching videos. And then communicating with others to share knowledge and educate the community is also another tiring task. Hopefully using this blog, I could quickly get all done and have more empty blocks to continue with initial plans.

6. Survive an incoming winter of economy

In the past two weeks, lots of big events and conferences were canceled or postponed. I could not find a strong motivation to get out of my country by activating any serious plan. It also means that it will be hard for me to find early-stage funding. Business development requires in-person conversation to establish trust and build a foundation of a long term relationship. Hope that this blog allows me to operate weightlessly.

7. Kill time in a useful way that connect to people

It is very likely that everyone will work and learn at home till the next year. The world will rely on online, virtual, remote workspace to operate business, connect people, and gather in social. In the past two years, I have traveled quite a lot and joined several core communities around the world. Indeed, it is quite a lot that I have to tune out a lot to focus on top priority i.e. physical interactions. Now it is time to move to cyberspace. Hope that the world will find a solution soon because I deadly know how boring it is to stay at home in a year.

8.Combat infodemic and business of fears

This blog is a way for me to fight against a stream of fake news and tons of business trying to make money from uncertainty in forms of panic and fears. Here I want to set a low baseline. I will try to act as a layman trying to ask naive questions with why and how. Hope that my intensive training in pure and applied math will lead me through a foggy unknown.

9. Practice English and communication

This is my huge pain point. I used to spend a fair amount of earning on learning English. So sadly, learning in the traditional classroom with memorization never works for me. I could remember how hard I tried with the IELTS to raise a speaking section to avoid an A$3000 English course for the first PhD offer at third/ fourth year undergraduate. This barrier becomes an obsession in my next 2 year. I tried everything but none works. Eventually I learned that mistakes are obvious. It is indeed how we learn in the real world. Regardless how bad you are at the beginning, should not you stop practice and enjoy the process.

10. Increase a likelihood of finding allies

If you are interested in what I write, shoot me an email. Gonna try to build a higher tech website for welcoming people.

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