The 32th Patient in Vietnam and Insurance

The famous story of the Vietnam media is a story of the 32th patient - A female, Vietnam citizen, 24 years old showing symptoms when traveling in London. Her father hired a jet plane Falcon 8X worth $360,000 to only bring her back to Vietnam for a public treatment in Ho Chi Minh city. She was diagnosed with lung damage. On the same day, Vietnam Social Academy announced a temporary shutdown in one week because of a visit from Vietnam officials - the 21th patient. Counting down from the outbreak, we are the only country with no death. The first 16 positive cases were cured by public doctors without paying hospital bills.

Yesterday, Singapore announced that tourists and short-term visitors will pay for their treatment which costs up to 4,300-5,800 USD, but testing is still free. But the story is much more convoluted about which expense will be covered. People are advised to approach insurers to learn more benefits, terms and conditions.

One particular example is an Australia 71-year-old woman bought four insurance for a trip in the US. They cost her up to $2000 but allow her flexibility, but unfortunately, all disappointed her verbally and writtenly. And very likely, they will not pay for your medical cover for coronavirus starting from January 23. For insurance, CoViD-19 is a known event and pre-labeled as a pandemic.

At the end of my day, I got another feed from a senior American about an offer of 68% discount for a cruise ship. He asked opinions about whether insurance will pay for his quarantine or not. Very likely, NO if CoViD-19 attacked his trip.

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