Test, test, test

Video: https://youtu.be/e3gCbkeARbY

Found a friend post mentioned about the effectiveness of containment CNBC about fever medics and clinics.

During the outbreak of China, we have 16 cases including direct transmission and distance transmission. And 8000-people quarantine. It is 23 day virus free thank to the government strong incentives.

Two weeks ago, everything changed from the 17th patience traveling from the Europe. Since then, lot of passengers in the same air carrier were also infected. We have around more than 35,000 people in quarantine with 53 positive cases in range 0-73 years old related to people traveling from Europe and the US.

Backstory about SARS-2003, Vietnam is the first country out of the list of CoViD-19 and no death. 17 years, we also the first in the world beats SARS, also another kind of coronavirus.


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