Therapeutic Intervention

I found a post of member in an active social learning group about CoViD-19 about doctors in India using a drug combination of HIV, Malaria and Swine Flu to treat patient.

This method is called therapeutic intervention, not specialize treatment (a cure). Basically it is a combine of several drugs to stop/ reduce virus inside lungs so that your immune system will take main tasks. This relies on doctor expertise and intensive unit care for each case. My country has 16 successful cases and virus-free in 23 days by using this method. PS: this method has been noticed and re-examine with health by experts like Vietnam and the US.

“How long does this process take, like what’s the time frame for an average patient?”

There is no standard procedure. This is more like trials and errors based on your situation and experience of doctors. What we have in Vietnam is treatment regime based on the first 16 successful cases with age 0-73 years old in public local and national hospitals.

In the US, CDC has announced early about a procedure at the early stage of the outbreak in China. (From 8:45)

“Second, if doctors around the world are trained to give the right dosage, can we use this to prevent deaths? Like maybe stabilize the patient first, and then look for a long term cure?

Third, can this be somehow used to create a makeshift vaccine? Again relating to the second question, curb the spread first, and then look for a long term solution?”

Drug Discovery process takes lots of time. The normal procedure could take 10-15 years with 3 phases, e.g. discovery, testing and approval. Vaccination could take up 18 months confirmed by WHO and health authorities. Therapeutic intervention is the best choice we have. On the side, using drugs without consulting health experts will cause side and detrimental effect It requires doctors and nurses in the healthcare system. But institution capacity is different between countries. And we already examples from China, Italy and South Korea to say.

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