A few days ago, a friend in Singapore sent me a link to a new app called contact tracing made by the Singaporean Government.

Early in the outbreak, we used to have a few discussions about containment strategy. One of the most critical questions is to quickly find who and where to quickly identify suspect cases. It is conducted by a person called a disease detective. This process is very time-consuming and error-proning during an investigation. The app is hoped to automate this process and reduce human friction to track disease faster.

The technology promises a new dawn of information technology when your safety and privacy is driven by algorithms controlled by authorities. It is hard to say about how this surveillance system is going to be involved.

On the other hand, if your data is in the hands of private sectors, it is very likely to be abused by bad people. On March 21st, the US Department of Justice plans to conduct investigation and prosecution related to coronavirus. The public is urged to report cybercrimes like scame, fraud, malware, ransomware.

Scam and Fraud

Malware, Ransomware

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