Update - 31/3


It has been two months since the first cases of CoViD-19 were recorded in Vietnam. It was hard to imagine what would happen at the beginning at the outbreak. Now, we have an official nationwide pandemic with more than 200 cases with no death. Tonight, an entire country will follow physical distancing measures (shelter-in-place) announced within less than 24 hours. Looking back to the world, 179 out of 196 countries and regions joined a fight towards CoViD-19.


Avoid reading news

Every two day, the WHO will have a media brief. I decided to watch a 1-hour livestream of the organization instead of following the local news (Summaries are shared here in this blog). What makes it special is an international update as a primary source verified by top experts for common questions from the mainstream media.

Also, I feel overwhelmed because of all the news and media and drained every day with unresolved problems. Writing on this site and sharing knowledge are my escape to shift time and mind into a different direction. Along with exercising with a goal to be strong enough for a handstand. But now it starts with a 5-minute plank. Baby step first!

Time management and how to be patient

Today I found a TED video on how to gain control of life by setting priority with determination of life in three aspects: career, relationship and self.


Somehow, I found another video of my community called Pioneer, an online remote accelerator of researchers, thinkers and entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2018 by Daniel Gross after he left YC as a partner. In 2019, I was nominated by a community unexpectedly with a project/ startup called BlueSkin (Now, it is called BlueSkinX). Nevertheless, the question I am interested in is how to be patient as a startup founder during a pandemic and got a strongly resonated answer from Avichal Garg, managing director at Electric Capital


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