A note of a virtual conference on AI & CoViD-19 - Section 1

Side story

About one year ago, a friend persuades me to visit HAI in a morning after my office hour of YC on a university campus.

At that moment, I started to write a book about “Augmented Intelligence” with a human-centered design, but could not gather enough primary material. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone to talk.

It is interesting to know that when I continue to write a book, their information come to me with the same topic. Seriously, I have to complete a book after a long delay.

Full Agenda: HAI Stanford

Full video: Youtube

Session I: Landscape and Framing - Started at 9:57

Challenges Responding to CoViD-19: Perspective from a Physician and Policy Maker.


How to use big data and AI

Global challenges


An Academic Medical Center’s Data Science Response to a Pandemic.

Operation plan

Clinical care decision

There are two different kinds of EMR

Suggestion: Use hospitalization data:

Issues in Responsible Reporting of CoViD-19

Global best practices in Controlling the CoViD-19 Pandemic.

Four responses: South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Common learning

Other countries

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